Isaro Social Integration Network

Empowerment and Integration

Programmes for young people

Our Vision

Empowered communities living in harmony, with strengthened mutual cultural understanding and greater global awareness.

Our Purpose

To promote social and economic integration of the growing Ethnic Minority community in West Dunbartonshire and neighbouring area.

To empower Ethnic Minorities to improve their wellbeing through provision of relevant information, guidance and support.

To facilitate culture sharing and strengthen community cohesion

To empower children and young people to achieve their full potential

To advance and support research on the issues affecting welfare of everyday people

To contribute to sustainable development through economic, social and environmental impactful programs.

Our Main Activities

Information and advice drop-in services for adults and young people to combat loneliness and improve integration within the local community

Heritage sharing events and multicultural celebrations to increase community cohesion

Empowering programmes for young people that use sport and skills development to enhance well-being

Community learning and social activities to build skills, tackle isolation and strengthen social, economic and cultural integration

Climate change and climate action awareness activities to encourage and support communities to lower their carbon footprint

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