Open Doors


Isaro Social Integration Network provides a regular Drop In service to provide information, guidance and support to individual service users from the West Dunbartonshire community.

The main aims of the drop in are:

  • To reach out and establish a network among Ethnic Minority individuals and groups.
  • To assess their needs and provide them with relevant information regarding social issues such as housing, health, education, employment, citizenship etc.
  • To signpost and make referrals to other services and agencies such as Community Learning Development for English classes and other relevant life skills training.
  • To facilitate the involvement of Ethnic Minorities in community life by encouraging participation in local public consultations carried out by the West Dunbartonshire Council, the Police or other institutions.

Women’s Group

Isaro Social Integration Network facilitates women groups from all backgrounds to give them the opportunity to make new friends and participate in various community events. The groups also offer the chance for women to learn and develop new skills by taking part in short-term courses and workshops.


Community Learning & Development

Isaro Social Integration Network organises training and workshops in response to the needs in terms of skills and knowledge identified during the drop-in.Topics include health and wellbeing, environment, Information and Technology, English for Speakers of Other Languages and many more.